Past Guests

Media Guests

Joshua Seth


Wayne Grayson


Tracy Lynn Cruz

Power Rangers In Space

Brian A. Prince


Mark Holton

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure / Teen Wolf

Max Martini

Pacific Rim

Phillip Jean Marie

Power Rangers: Wild Force

Jack Guzman

Power Rangers: Wild Force

Lotus Blossom

We Can Be Heroes

Ernie Reyes, Jr.

TMNT, Surf Ninjas

Judie Aronson

Fridays the 13th
The Final Chapter

Karen Whitfield

Bronze Age Batgirl

Ann Marie Crouch

Power Rangers: Wild Force

Kerrigan Mahan

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Comic Book Guests

Ben Bishop

TMNT, The Last Ronin

Noah Sult

TMNT, The Last Ronin

Jason Keith

Avengers, Black Panther

Andy Smith

Bart Sears

Rodney Ramos

Mike DeCarlo

Ray Griffin

Rob "Potsy" Potchak

Erik Klaus

Brian Shearer

Essential Comics

Highburn Studios

Rags Morales

Hailey Brown

2Land Comics

Vic Carrabotta

Sunday Only

Wrestling Guests

2_6 Academy


Brooke Tessmacher


Cosplay Guests

Silver Heart Cosplay

Charlie Rocket Cosplay

The Bat and the Cat Cosplay

RedDoll Cosplay

The Rise of J Jones Cosplay

The Variant

The 501st

The Rebel Legion