Fayetteville Comic Con Photo Policy

Taking photos is a big part of the Fayetteville Comic Con experience.
However, photos of individuals by attendees MUST come with the subjects consent.

Typically, a simple “Excuse me, may I take a picture?” is a perfect way to ask. Please respect the individual if you request a photo and if they don’t grant you permission, don’t take the shot.
We encourage attendees to take photos, but remember that LIVE recordings of panels or flash photography in a panel is not allowed. Any attendee witnessed recording any panel will be asked to leave. Any attendee seen taking close up pictures of parts of the body (cleavage, buttocks and the like), even with subjects permission, will be asked to leave the convention.

Cosplay is not consent.

Professional photographers MUST be registered with the convention staff and have been issued a PHOTOGRAPHER badge; having registered their name, business website and other contact information and paying the $50 Photographer fee.

Fayetteville Comic Con provides photo booths and official show floor photographers if our attendees want to have their pictures professionally done. Other photographers are prohibited from soliciting business on our show floor (typically by taking photos and handing out cards) without registering. If a photographer refuses to register, they will be asked to leave the convention.

Selfie sticks, GoPro poles, stilts, or any device that extends your camera or phone away from your hand or body are not allowed at Comic-Con. If you’re seen with one of these devices, you will be asked by security to put it away and not use it at Comic Con. This also includes Tri-pods and the like that obstruct the free flow of guests. Please don’t block aisles when taking photos.

We have areas specifically set aside for photos if you need a little more time to coordinate the shot.

Thank you for understanding and abiding by this policy.