Cosplay Contest

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Your outfit must cover you as much as a modest swimsuit would. No pasties, tape, or paint in substitution of a full coverage top. No thongs or other minimalist bottoms. Also nothing transparent for these “swimsuit areas.” Failure to comply leaves you subject to eviction from the convention with no refund.
  2. No bare feet!! Your outfit must have shoes or sandals that ensure that no part of your foot touches the floor at any time.
  3. Roller skates, blades, heelys or any variation thereof are prohibited to be worn on the convention property. (You may still have the skates with you as props but not worn.)
  4. Skateboards are not allowed on the convention center property.
  5. You cannot connect yourself to another person. (No chains, leashes, ropes, or anything else that limits the mobility of another person. This is a safety hazard and thus is not allowed.)
  6. No Solicitation signs such as but not limited to, Free Hugs, Free shrugs or anything that advertises a service. These signs are not costumes anyone seen displaying such signs will be asked to discard it or be ejected from the convention with no refund.
  7. All props must pass the weapons policy, even if you just want to use them during the cosplay contest.
  8. Please inform any staff member of harassing behavior so we can promptly address it.
  9. Masterclass contestants must go through prejudging at the Cosplay Registration table at the show regardless on whether you’ve registered online.

All costumes weapons and props are subject to review by the convention staff and FCC. You may be asked at by FCC or the Convention Center to remove your prop. If this happens, you must not only cease wearing it, but also remove it from the convention area immediately.

Failure to adhere to this policy can result in immediate expulsion from the convention. If you have
any doubt, you can always contact us at: notsofinalfantasy@gmail.com

Master Cosplay Contest Details

At registration, you will go through a private judging session with a few of our judges who will rate your costume and performance on a 10-point scale for a total of 50 points from our team of qualified judges. The criteria that you will be judged on are:

Quality: 10 Points

What we look at: If your costume is handmade or store bought, we look at the stitching, material and fit.  Handmade costumes get bonus on this category. If you are not the artist the creator must be present to be awarded bonus quality points. If you have compiled your costume from things found around the house, we look at how you have modified them, how you paired them and how creative you were. We also take into
account, wig styling and make-up. Work in progress pictures are also highly praised!
Tips: We favour handmade costumes over anything else. If your costume is handmade, make sure to let us know how you made it, if not, try and put more emphasis on something you styled, like your wig or make-up or WOW us with and amazing character performance.(Keep it clean and PG or you will be disqualified!!)

Accuracy: 10 Points

What we look at: We will be checking how faithful your costume, hair, make-up and props are to the character you’re cosplaying as.
Tips: Have reference photos ready on your phone or print out a picture of your character showing the full costume. Do mention any variations or specific versions you took into account. If what you’re cosplaying as is not an existing character, mention at least a point of reference or inspiration, and any concept art if you have it!

Presentation: 10 Points

What we look at: The goal of cosplay is to look as much like your character as possible, this includes body motions and phrases you say. Those who act in character will score higher than those who do not.
Tips: Talk in the tone of your character and try to say things that character would say. Stand, pose and move like your character too.

Effort: 10 Points

What we look at: We will try and determine how hard each person had to work to complete the costume, find a rare prop, style the appropriate wig or do his make-up and overall complexity.
Tips: Make sure to tell the judges what was most challenging about your project and point out details that required effort to complete.

Handmade: 10 Points

What we look at: We will determine how much of the costume was handmade by the contestant. The maker of the costume or prop must be present to explain the materials and procedures used. Progress photos may be requested at prejudging/sign up.
Tips: Make sure to tell the judges how long you worked on compiling your costume and point out details that required effort to complete

Weapon & Props Policy


The following items are PROHIBITED:

  1. Steel blades / bars – This includes swords, knives, shurikens, bayonets, or other metal objects which
    have an edge (sharp or not). This also includes any metal blunt object such as bats, rebar, poles, golf clubs
    or things like barbed wire
  2. Guns – This is anything that shoots a projectile or could be enabled to shoot a projectile, including air
    guns, airsoft weapons, crossbows, or replicas of actual guns. Nerf guns will be considered but can not
    contain ammo.
  3. Signs – This includes all solicitation based signs attached to costumes, picket signs, polling signs, and
    dry erase boards. A costume prop sign may be approved at the Weapons Check table.
  4. Any prop that requires more than 2 hands to carry easily are not allowed in the convention hallways but
    may be used at the competition. Your prop will be your responsibility and we will not have space to store it
    for you while not in use.
  5. Anything we feel that could be hazardous to you or any other members of the convention will be subject to disqualification of entry into the convention. (including but not limited to: pepper spray, ninja stars,
    throwing knives, live grenades, pipe bombs, chemical reactions, compressed air)

Items which are permitted with CERTAIN LIMITATIONS include:

  1.  Easily identifiable toy plastic guns
  2. Wooden bokken, staffs or walking sticks
  3. Fake weapons made from cardboard, Styrofoam, rubber, or other craft materials
  4. Large props, regardless of construction
  5. Large costumes
  6. Heavy props

Misusing a prop, or engaging in horseplay by swinging it around, sparring, etc., is the fastest way to lose the privilege of carrying it at all and you may be asked to leave the convention completely and forfeit your
right to attend with no refund.

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