Statement on Masks & Social Distancing


While we are taking more and more steps to return to pre-pandemic ways of life, and being able to restart Fayetteville Comic Con is a big one, we are not totally back to 2019 behavior.

Different people have had and will continue to have different comfort levels relating to re-entering social situations so we wanted to be upfront with everyone as people make decisions about whether or not to attend our Spring Show, June 19th and 20th at the Crown Expo Center.

Our venue, the Crown Expo Center currently has NO mask mandate, temperature checks or proof of vaccination requirements.

We support all state and local mandates and respect an establishment’s right to require masks even if there is no mandate, but we cannot control who is or is not vaccinated and who masks or does not.

Fayetteville Comic Con cannot take on the role of the mask/vaccination police. If nothing changes between now and the show, there is no mask mandate and no proof of vaccination needed to be unmasked.

Keep in mind that the virus and the response to it are ever changing, so there could be new guidance or requirements before show.

Again, individuals will have to assess their own risk and comfort levels before deciding whether or not to attend. With that said, while everyone will not make the same decisions, everyone needs to respect the decisions of others.

Some people may choose to continue wearing a mask.

This is their right.

They may be immunocompromised, live with someone who is, or just want to practice an abundance of caution.

Their reasons are their own and someone choosing to wear a mask does not affect anyone else and should be respected. Please be aware of those around you and avoid encroaching on others space. Wash your hands often.

We are fans for fans, and a big geeky family. Respect others around you and we will all have a great show.