Renowned  Artist Rags Morales is the artistic talent behind many of DC Comics most famous titles, including  Identity Crisis, DC’s ongoing company-wide storyline. This series was selected by The Young Adult Services Association’s recommended list of Great Graphic Novels. 

Morales also penciled large segments stories in  Nightwing, Superman/Batman, which was collected in the Finest Worlds hardcovers. He continued to work with DC Comics on Blackest Night and Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps, Batman Confidential, and Wonder Woman. 

Morales was also part of DC’s massive relaunch of their entire superhero line, as he was announced as the artist on the new Action Comics #1. 

Other works include Forgotton Realms, Black Confor, Turok, Archer & Armstrong, Geomancer, Sliders, Justice Society of America and Hawkman. 

Morales returned to his TSR roots also doing work for Dungeons and Dragons magazine and novella work for Harper Collins, such as Issac Asmimov’s Robotics and Margaret Weis’ Testament of the Dragon. 

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