Deborah Belles, also known as Sabihah is founder of Punch Monkey Designs. She has been a member of Shadows of the Fire dance troupe since 2000, and a member of TranceFusion Fire Arts since 2009 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Her creations were inspired after watching a video of her troupe doing a competition and noticed compared to all the other lovely ladies, she had a small pinhead. Funny but true, she decided to add and create a style to widen her head. She noticed that others started to mimic the style. Then she wanted to create more wicked styles and started using leather and spikes.

The name “Punch Monkey” comes from the love of her missing cat for which this site is named after. Missing since August 2010, she continues to search for her beloved cat Punch Monkey. She hopes you like her creations and get inspired. If you see Punch Monkey let her know!

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