Waffle Bundle: Rikki Simons Autograph, Video Message, & (1x) Signed Book

Special Bundle Include a signed GIR print by Rikki Simons, a personal video message from Rikki Simons, and one of Rikki’s two science fiction novels!

Price includes shipping & handling.


  • GIR & Zim
  • GIR Bath Time
  • GIR Bloody
  • GIR Cheesy
  • GIR Cupcake
  • GIR Draws
  • GIR Hello
  • GIR Jedi
  • GIR Million Pizzas
  • GIR Moose
  • GIR New Cupcake
  • GIR Pig Run
  • GIR Piggie
  • GIR Scissors
  • GIR Squirrel
  • GIR Taco
  • GIR Turkey
  • GIR Waffle
  • Rikki Simmons' Voices
  • Hitherto a Lion
  • Ranklechick And His Three-Legged Cat, The Absurdly Illustrated Edition

“Hitherto a Lion”

Thirty billion light years from Earth, two hundred toroidal colonies spin within a black nebula of organic matter. The human colonists of the Hæl triple star system are under siege by the Bœzch invaders. Cognizant beings cannot hide from the Bœzch, and when a human falls into their red, spindly hands, they are spun into stardust, until the theory of them is gone from the universe.
Now Fel, the black biomechanical lion, wearily hunts the Bœzch across the African toroidal colony known as the Long Savanna. Here he is tested. Here he is followed by a haunting song, a ghost of his former self, and a dream of a familiar human woman ….

“Ranklechick And His Three-Legged Cat, The Absurdly Illustrated Edition”

The Absurdly Illustrated Edition, black and white, with more art than the Bare Bones Edition. From voice actor (GIR from Invader ZIM) Rosearik Rikki Simons and illustrator Tavisha (also ShutterBox and SIH: Reality Check!) comes a bit of absurdist baroque punk comic melancholia. Oogaly-glee! Obsessed with contacting the ghost of his dead mother, Ranklechick invents an absurd collection of devices, like his Bliss Extractor, which he uses to try to get an autograph from the ghost of Charles Dickens, or his Sphere of Belligerence, a spacecraft propulsion system that literally insults physics. Life ticks on at a lunatic pace as poor Ranklechick flees from handshaking lessons, avoids being made into candy by the evil android, Nathan Burblepinch, gets repeatedly decapitated, suffers the company of oniomaniac children, suicidal brains, ham, and a grumpy three-legged cat for a best friend. All the while he continues to believe he is becoming a comic book character.

Rikki Simmons Autographs

GIR & Zim, GIR Bath Time, GIR Bloody, GIR Cheesy, GIR Cupcake, GIR Draws, GIR Hello, GIR Jedi, GIR Million Pizzas, GIR Moose, GIR New Cupcake, GIR Pig Run, GIR Piggie, GIR Scissors, GIR Squirrel, GIR Taco, GIR Turkey, GIR Waffle, Rikki Simmons' Voices

Rikki Simmons Books

Hitherto a Lion, Ranklechick And His Three-Legged Cat, The Absurdly Illustrated Edition

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