Artwork by Cecelia Wilken


  • Calamity
  • Dawn//Dusk - Maroon
  • Dawn//Dusk - Pink
  • Dawn//Dusk - Purple
  • Dawn//Dusk - Teal
  • Dawn//Dusk - Yellow
  • Eyes Unclouded
  • Summer's Touch
  • What's Yours, Is Mine

Cecelia Wilken is a misplaced desert dweller currently living in Fayetteville, NC. She celebrates the delicate balance of nature through surreal and intricate illustrations and paintings. As an up-an-coming artist, she showcases her artwork in small local venues and businesses. She has also done artwork for the Arizona based band, Post Hoc.

Her goals include growing as a person and an artist, traveling the world and drawing inspiration from nature, meeting other like-minded individuals within the art community, and continuing to develop her skills and style into one that is thought-provoking and unique.

Whenever she is not creating art, she is exploring the world with her daughter and husband. She lives with her family, 2 dogs, cat, and excessive amount of houseplants.

Artwork By Cecelia Wilken

Calamity, Dawn//Dusk – Maroon, Dawn//Dusk – Pink, Dawn//Dusk – Purple, Dawn//Dusk – Teal, Dawn//Dusk – Yellow, Eyes Unclouded, Summer's Touch, What's Yours, Is Mine

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