Meet Celebrities At Fayetteville Comic Con

Learn about how to get professional photo ops, autographs, and selfies with celebrities

Pricing Information

Pricing for Autographs, Photo Ops, and Table Photos (Selfies) can be found on the individual Guests’ Pages with other information such as the days they are attending.


All attending celebrities will sign autographs at Fayetteville Comic Con. You can buy autographs at the celebrities' booth. No celebrities have autographs available for pre-sale. You are required to purchase an admission ticket to meet celebrities and purchase autographs Celebrities do not sign autographs on a schedule. You will generally find them at their corresponding booth when they are not at a photo op, panel, or at lunch.

Selfies / Table Photos

Most celebrities would be happy to take a Selfie or Table Photo with you. These are informal photos taken with your cell phone or camera. For the most part, celebrities will charge you a fee for taking a Table Photo.

Professional Photo Ops

Professional Photo Op Information Coming Soon!

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