Gamers Rejoice! With fewer and fewer gaming stores around, I can satisfy your dice fix! You know what it’s like. “I have too many dice…I need MORE!” I have a variety of RPG dice sets, as well as specialized dice, odd dice, MTG countdown dice, and of course, plenty of standard six-sided dice. I also have handmade dice jewelry, clocks, bags etc. Oh, and DRAGONS! Dragon statues, jewelry, accessories, and even “real” dragon heads! (see photos) Plus, a variety of other items. Wooden swords, toys, game supplies, etc. I don’t have a store yet, but come see me at a nearby show or convention. Appearances (and new or featured items) will be posted on my page, so be sure to follow me! Please message me with any questions, requests, or if you can’t wait for a show and want something NOW!

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